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Below are some links to my published writings. Links to my music webpages are on the right side column. 

For Medium:

One Vivid Andover Memory

Why I Love Helping Students with the Personal Essay

For the South China Morning Post: 

Many Young People Flourish at Boarding Schools

For The Center for Korean Research: 

2012 Newsletter

For The Harvard Crimson:

1. A Life of Crime (Opinion)

2. I'm Not There (Film Review)

3. By Its Cover (Book Review) 

4. 'Beckett At 100' Still Going Strong (Theatre Review)

5. Screenshots: Marie Antoinette 

6. Pinker's Study of Language Has the Right 'Stuff' (Book Review) 

7. A Heavy-Hearted Romp (Theatre Review)

8. Bright Eyes 'Cassadaga' (Album Review) 

9. Phillips' Ghost Story Enchants But Doesn't Haunt (Book Review) 

10. Boym Nostalgic for ‘Broken-Tech' (Arts Feature)

11. Amy Winehouse 'Back to Black' (Album Review)  

12. Alumni Advise on Theater Industry 

 For Arts at Harvard Blog:

Review: The Hyacinth Macaw

Narrating the Paul Chan Experience

About Me:

I am a writer and education consultant who splits time between New York City and Asia. My interests include education, Russian literature, modernism, literary theory, and music. I  am currently working on my first book, represented by Janklow & Nesbit. Occasionally, I write and record music. 

I graduated from Harvard in 2009 with a degree in Comparative Literature; from Phillips Academy Andover in 2005. 

My Music Links:

July Miles 

After Hours

The Radcliffe Pitches


Some Places I've Worked:

The Center for Korean Research

New Directions Publishing

Verso Books 

American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies

Essay Edge

Fulcrum Poetry

Heavy Melody Music

Affective Neuroscience Laboratory

Photography Blog: 

Ennui & Decadence

Book Blog: 

Juli and the Book